When we meet (Soft Soul)


It’s only the glittering of your first

Smile that keeps me worm in

Your eyes. Every next you try,

Is lost, far away, taken by suspicious mind.


Where we meet, there are no

Crossroads or signs,

We pass the crowns of our ideas and goals,

Walking on the surface

Of what we hide inside.


It’s only when we meet,

The light comes like unexpected

Present, and the stream of dreams flows

Over the grass – but only for a moment –

Than it is vanished under the ground.


Golden Creatures


Between the valleys the rivers start to blossom.

You notice the movement of the green and blue,

Passing the red and yellow autumn.

Behind the mountains, you find them

Like the golden creatures

Created by the sunrise.

Their movement is quick and

Always prepared to hide.

You learn to touch them from inside

And then again –

It is their own nature that doesn’t let you try

Without a heart.

And, when you come,

Once more open and full of love,

You wish to have their wings,

Their strength, their soul

And their dreams.

But you must know that you’ve only been given a treasure to keep,

When the wild horses sleep.


Emptiness is a gift, given by the soul.

Pour yourself into the soft sand.

Miracles will happen

Bringing their own sound.

They will come,

A chain of shelves

The prehistoric experience

Of yourself.


It had to be


It had to be the early spring,

It took the water to its roots,

The yellow song passing

The light.


It had to be the tree

That felt what we have seen,

Birds coming back to their



It had to be

So real, so big,

The truth of rebirth, another

Life, the essence of

Eternal law,

When we were walking

Side by side.


The streets have been crossed

Long time ago,

When you noticed, that something is changing.

In one-step you’ve managed

To reach for the new horizon

In one-step, you’ve lost the divinity

But was able to find the enlightenment.


When I am the sea

The encountered movement

And the infinite being

I take the gull’s song into

Your eyes

And you will see through me

You will see the truth inside.


All rights reserved by Sabina Vostner.